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Build your own online assessment system

Rapid prototyping for test publishers

Future-proof test development

Professional templates and design customisation

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Online solutions for recruitment and staff development

Build your own online assessment portal

Concerto lets users develop their own online assessments without the need for expensive commercial licences or ‘closed-box’ software. Provided you have the necessary psychometric expertise in-house, you can collect data securely on your own server, provide tailored feedback to test-takers and customise the look and feel of your assessments with complete autonomy. For non-experts, Concerto also contains built-in templates and a straightforward flowchart-based test builder to help you create working assessments in minutes.

Rapid prototyping for test publishers

The flowchart-based test builder in Concerto lets anyone build a test in minutes by simply connecting a range of standard components, such as information pages, linear questionnaires or feedback calculators. Unlike many systems, there is no need to download data for analysis before you can calculate scores or offer feedback to participants. Concerto lets you conveniently perform these analyses in the browser and swap in new questions or functions with ease, making for a significantly more efficient product development process.

Future-proof test development

As the world’s most advanced and customisable platform for online adaptive testing, Concerto pushes the boundaries of occupational assessment. Its modular design and open source heritage mean that, unlike other systems, no part remains a black box. The advanced algorithms and diverse packages in the R language are always at your fingertips, enabling highly versatile, accurate and cheat-resistant tests. Furthermore, using our logical test builder, most traditional tests can be made adaptive by simply swapping out a component in the flowchart. From basic pilots to advanced high-stakes assessments, Concerto has you covered.

Professional templates and custom visualisations

When deploying tests for clients, candidates or existing staff, it is essential that assessments not only work well but also look professional. Concerto gives the developer full control of the front-end and simplifies the integration of beautiful design and powerful test logic with the inclusion of standardised HTML templates. You can build your own visual template in the editor, delve into the front-end code directly or contact the Psychometrics Centre for more custom requirements. It is also easy to integrate data visualisation tools that really make your products stand out.

Feedback and insights in real-time

We know that having the most up-to-date and most accurate information at your fingertips can often make all the difference in highly competitive environments. That is why Concerto calculates scores and shows tailored feedback in real-time, without the need to download data for analyses. Gone are the days of waiting hours or days for results to be calculated; decision-makers can view results directly and test-takers benefit from the enhanced engagement and motivation that comes with receiving instant, informative feedback.

Online solutions for recruitment and staff development

Concerto is a multi-purpose platform with the flexibility to accommodate all your recruitment and staff development needs. In addition to developing your own tests, the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre hosts a number of its own world-leading tests on Concerto that are available for commercial use. These include tests of personality, integrity, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and more. We also develop and standardise bespoke psychometric assessments to the highest professional standard. Please contact us for further information.


Discover Your Team Role

Perfectionist, Pragmatist, Mediator, Innovator or Motivator? Find out your team role and the bridge it is symbolised by with this short Concerto test.

Double 3D Rotation

Put your spatial reasoning to the test with these difficult 3D spatial rotation tasks, all automatically generated using algorithms in Concerto.

Innovative Leadership Styles

To what extent do you incorporate innovative mindsets into your leadership style? Are you collaborative or independent, transformative or consolidatory – find out with this short test

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