Use Concerto

Concerto can be deployed in many different ways to suit every assessment scenario. But like any web app, it has some moving parts. Non-IT users can try the AWS launch below or the Quickstart Guide. Techies can refer to our Deployment Guide

Launch AWS Instance

The Launch button below creates an AWS server with Concerto pre-installed. This is potentially free. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create and/or log in to your Amazon AWS account
  2. Click here. An AWS page will open
  3. Click 'Create a key pair' and name it concerto. Save the private key.
  4. Click the Launch button below. Another AWS page will open.
  5. Click 'Create stack' in the bottom-right of that page.

Once your server is up, your Concerto login info will be in the 'Outputs' tab.

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