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Adaptive testing should be user-friendly and available to everyone. That's why Concerto is completely free to use, forever.

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14/03/17 Mplus Course in Structural Equation Modelling Cambridge
10/01/17 Structural Equation Modelling in R Cambridge
08/03/17 IRT and CAT using Concerto Cambridge

Tailored Support from the University of Cambridge


Concerto is free, but if you want additional support we provide end-to-end solutions to help you implement online adaptive testing in high-stakes environments. Get the most out of Concerto by combining the freedom of open source with the confidence of tailored support from the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre.

Concerto in Action

Discover Your Team Role

Perfectionist, Pragmatist, Mediator, Innovator or Motivator? Find out your team role and the bridge it is symbolised by with this short Concerto test.

Try Adaptive Quality of Life Test

Try this adaptive and predictive version of the World Health Organisation’s Quality of Life assessment. Thanks to IRT, CAT and Concerto, this version is up to 75% shorter, has higher reliability in all sub-scales and provides instant feedback.

Play the Spatial Planning Game

Find the best path through the maze and discover your spatial planning ability

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